Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Terms

This document explains the services we provide and our terms and conditions.  You agree to accept our terms and conditions by asking us to provide services, whether or not you have signed a formal agreement.

Our Services

All documents will be prepared based on information provided by you.  We give no warranty to any person as to the accuracy of the content of any document. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of information included in documents.  In particular, you should ensure that all names, contact details, and dates, are correct.

You must notify us within 3 days if there are any errors or inaccuracies in a document provided to you.  We will correct any errors or inaccuracies notified within this time frame at no cost.  We reserve the right to charge additional fees if you request amendments more than 3 days after receiving documents, or if we consider that your request is an alteration to the information you have provided previously, rather than a correction.

Payment Terms

Payment is required immediately after the consultation, as we must book time, in advance, to complete the work.  Any amendments are included in the fee.  If a payment is not made, or dishonoured, or fails to clear for any reason, your work may be put on hold, or we will decline to provide further services to you.


We will endeavour to meet any reasonable deadline, provided that you give us sufficient notice and provide all required information.  However, there may be occasions when we are unable to meet a deadline, due to factors outside our control.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We will not provide your personal information to any third party, except as required by law, or with your consent. Whilst we respect your confidentiality, we can give no warranty in relation to unlawful or unauthorised access to information; for example by a third party making unlawful or unauthorised interception of information sent electronically.  Similarly, we can give no warranty that documents received or sent electronically, will be free of viruses.

Intellectual Property

We retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright of all design, format, and content, of documentation provided to you.  You have the right to use the documentation for the purposes of seeking employment.  You may not use the documents, their design, format, or content, for any other purpose or for any other person.  Adopting or using our documents, or system, for any other person, will be considered a breach of our intellectual property rights, giving us a right to claim damages or other legal remedies against you.

Limitation of Liability

There are many factors which contribute to success in seeking employment.  We are unable to provide any guarantee for success in obtaining employment resulting from the use of our services.  You agree that we bear no liability if your application is unsuccessful.  To the full extent permitted by law, you indemnify us from all claims by any third party in any way relating to the provision of our services to you.  Further, to the extent permitted by law, any liability is limited to the amount of fees which we receive from you.

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